Ben Wilfong

Graduate Student

Atlanta, Georgia

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About Me

I am a second year Ph.D. student studying Computational Science and Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. My primary research is on the modeling of gas liquid interfaces under high amplitude accelerations, but I also make regular contributions to MFC, an exascale ready multiphase flow code that scales to 10's of thousands of GPUs. When I'm not busy with school or research I enjoy spending time outdoors camping, hiking, and climbing or indoors playing board games and enjoying a craft beer.

Some of my Work

Vorticy Shedding of a Shock Inpinged Droplet

Atomization of a 3D water droplet in air impinged by a Mach 1.46 shockwave. A 2000 x 1000 x 1000 cartesian grid is used to discretize the computationl domain. The flow was simulated for 200k time-steps with snapshots saved every 1k time-steps. The simulation required four hours of wall time using 960 GPUs on OLCF Summit. The video shows the development of the isosurface at which the vorticity is 100k.